More than 20 years ago, Toyota introduced an all-new compact SUV called the RAV4. In North America, it first went on sale in late 1995 as a 1996 model. Amazingly, the earliest units were priced at under $20,000, but also unfortunately, sales were not as good as they are today.

Competitors included the Honda CR-V, Kia Sportage and Suzuki Sidekick.

Year-to-year changes[edit | edit source]

1996[edit | edit source]

The RAV4 started off as a 2-door or 4-door sport utility, both with either rear or 4-wheel drive, and 120 horsepower.

1999[edit | edit source]

A 2-door convertible sport utility replaced the hardtop. It only sold as a 1999 model; after that, the 4-door was all by itself for 2000.

Retail prices[edit | edit source]

As of January 3, 1996:

  • $14,948 (1996 Toyota RAV4 2DR)
  • $15,648 (1996 Toyota RAV4 4DR)
  • $16,348 (1996 Toyota RAV4 2DR with all-wheel drive)
  • $17,048 (1996 Toyota RAV4 4DR with all-wheel drive)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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