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The appellation MR2 stands for "Midengine, Rear-drive, 2-passenger." The first-generation MR2 was a simple car that was essentially Toyota's version of the X1/9. The second generation was a much more ambitious product with genuinely high performance, but marred by poor handling on its introduction in 1991. The MR2 really had no competitors. The closest was probably the Miata, whose pricing and performance ended where the MR2's began. Market research for the Miata took the first-generation MR2 into account, but the second generation moved into another class.

Year-to-year changes[]


The MR2 was available with or without the turbo, with or without a removable T-bar roof (although the T-bar was not available on the base coupe). An automatic was an optional transmission choice only with the normally aspirated engine.


For 1993, the suspension was redone, larger tires fitted, and the MR2's handling transformed. Performance of the 200-hp turbo version of the MR2 was better than, for example, a Camaro Z28 and nearly moved it into the Corvette class.


All models of the 1994 MR2 now offered driver- and passenger-side airbags as standard equipment.


The death of the MR2, long rumored, was put off for at least one more year. It was the only popularly priced midengine car available in the United States in its last year.

For 1995, the turbo was no longer available in California and other states that have adopted the same pollution regulations.

Retail prices[]

As of December 27, 1993:

  • $22,538 (1994 Toyota MR2)
  • $27,588 (1994 Toyota MR2 Turbo)

As of August 26, 1994:

  • $23,568 (1995 Toyota MR2)
  • $28,668 (1995 Toyota MR2 Turbo)

As of January 26, 1995:

  • $24,038 (1995 Toyota MR2)
  • $25,828 (1995 Toyota MR2 with T-Bar roof)
  • $29,238 (1995 Toyota MR2 Turbo)

The last Toyota MR2s were produced in May 1995.


Model years Trim level Transmission Cylinders Engine Size Drive MPG Horsepower
1994-1995 Base 5-speed manual 4-cylinder 2.2L RWD 22 City/29 Highway 135
1994-1995 Turbo 5-speed manual 4-cylinder 2.0L RWD 20 City/27 Highway 200