Saturn was truly a phenomenon in the marketplace, achieving a cultlike following with a traditional low-priced, front-drive 4-door sedan. Saturn's competition was tough, and included popular compact cars like the Dodge/Plymouth Neon, Toyota Corolla, Geo Prizm and Ford Escort.

Year-to-year changes[edit | edit source]

1991[edit | edit source]

When launched as a 1991 model, Saturn sedans came in three flavors, the plain vanilla SL, the mid-level SL1 and the upscale SL2.

Antilock brakes were an option across the board, but only the SL2 included 4-wheel disc brakes instead of rear drums. Both uplevel models also offered traction control, a feature that was required to also opt for ABS and automatic transmission.

The SL2 further distanced itself from its brethren sedans by offering body-colored fascias instead of black bumpers and larger, 15-in. wheels and tires in place of the standard 14-in. wheels.

1995[edit | edit source]

All models, this year, received dual airbags that replaced the previous, pesky motorized shoulder belts. The driver's airbag was housed in a new 2-spoke steering wheel. A new instrument panel also debuted in all models.

Power for the SL and SL1 came from a 1.9-liter sohc Four that produced 15 more horsepower this year, going from throttle body fuel injection to multiport injection. The SL came only with a manual 5-speed, while the SL1 also offered an optional 4-speed automatic.

More power was the order of the day for the SL2, with a dohc version of the 1.9 engine that cranked out 124 horsepower and was used to be mated to either the 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Retail prices[edit | edit source]

As of January 1, 1994:

  • $9,995 (1995 Saturn SL)

As of mid-1994:

  • $10,995 (1995 Saturn SL1)
  • $11,995 (1995 Saturn SL2)

As of July 17, 1995:

  • $10,495 (1996 Saturn SL)
  • $11,395 (1996 Saturn SL1)
  • $12,295 (1996 Saturn SL2)

As of July 29, 1996:

  • $10,595 (1997 Saturn SL)
  • $12,435 (1997 Saturn SL1)
  • $13,335 (1997 Saturn SL2)

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Model year Trim level Transmission Cylinders Engine Size Drive MPG Horsepower
1995 SL 5-speed manual 4-cylinder 1.9L FWD 28 City/37 Highway 100
1995 SL1 5-speed manual 4-cylinder 1.9L FWD 28 City/37 Highway 100
1995 SL2 5-speed manual 4-cylinder 1.9L FWD 25 City/34 Highway 124

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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