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Before the 968, the luxury sports car was known as the Porsche 944. As always throughout the '90s, there were two models for the 944 and 968: a base 2-door coupe and a Cabriolet 2-door convertible, with 6-speed manual or the clever Tiptronic automatic that allowed fully automatic or manual progressive shifting, and 208 horsepower for the 944, while the 968 had 236. Of course, there were not that many 944s sold in the United States as 1991 models.

There is no question that the 968 was the best version yet, it's just that its legitimacy as a genuine Porsche was sometimes questioned. The 300ZX, RX-7, and Supra were newer cars that offered genuine competition except for lack of the revered Porsche name.

Unlike the 911, the 968 (which began life in the mid-1970s as the 924) did not age very well. In its transition from 924 through 944 to 968, the car had three separate engines, several transaxles and innumerable suspension modifications.

Year-to-year changes[]


A limited-slip differential was available with the 6-speed, and a body-color rear spoiler was available with the coupe. A full "sport" chassis was available on the coupe only, complete with larger front and rear stabilizer bars, adjustable shocks, 17-in. wheels and front brakes with larger rotors and caliper pistons.

Porsche made a range of seats available, power seats, electric lumbar, sport power seats, special supple leather upholstery, other upholstery patterns and material, special colors, heated seats, etc. Special order exterior colors were also available.

The coupe had a 10-speaker stereo, while the convertible had eight. Options included a remote CD changer, a telephone and headlight washers.

Standard equipment included an electric sunroof on the coupe, projector foglights built into the front spoiler, a/c, power windows, cruise control, an alarm system and much more. These standards all lasted through 1995.

Retail prices[]

As of August 26, 1993:

  • $39,950 (1992-1995 Porsche 968 2DR Coupe)
  • $51,900 (1993-1995 Porsche 968 2DR Convertible)