The Infiniti Q45 was Infiniti's first 4-door sedan ever produced.

Year-to-year changes[edit | edit source]

1991[edit | edit source]

In some ways, the Q45 and arch-rival Lexus LS 400 were the most important automobile models since the beginning of the '90s. They introduced the new "softer, gentler" way of marketing cars, proved that Japanese companies can build world-class luxury sedans, raised consumer satisfaction to previously new heights and also provided some fine automobiles to their lucky owners. The first cars were sold at around $38,000.

1994[edit | edit source]

Thanks to the weakening value of the dollar compared to the yen, Q45 prices have skyrocketed to $50,900 in 1994, but they were still competitive with the BMW 540i, Mercedes-Benz E420 and Jaguar XJ6. Physically, the Q45 was as large or larger than any of its competitors and, thanks to its 278-hp V8, capable of the same 150-mph performance.

The Q45 was given a new Jaguarlike grille, an airdam with auxiliary foglights, larger headlights, different taillights and more eye-catching trim. The leather-covered interior featured a 10-way power driver's seat and 8-way power passenger seat, both with power head restraints, a fancy Bose sound system and many other convenience features.

The sophisticated rear-drive chassis became standard with a limited-slip differential, power steering and ABS disc brakes. There were two upgrade packages sold as separate models: The Q45t added alloy wheels and a CD changer. The Q45a had traction control and the only truly active suspension system available on a production car. Traction control was an option on the other models. Bottom line, the Q45 was big, fast, comfortable and competitive with European 4-door luxury and sport sedans that costed twice as much.

1997[edit | edit source]

The Q45 was redesigned for its second generation.

Retail prices[edit | edit source]

As of September 23, 1993:

  • $50,450 (1994 Infiniti Q45)
  • $57,050 (1994 Infiniti Q45a)

As of late 1994:

  • $52,400 (1995 Infiniti Q45)
  • $59,350 (1995 Infiniti Q45a)

As of August 18, 1995:

  • $51,400 (1995 Infiniti Q45)
  • $57,250 (1995 Infiniti Q45a)
  • $53,520 (1996 Infiniti Q45)
  • $56,970 (1996 Infiniti Q45t)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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