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Ford's entry-level subcompact car, the Festiva, was originally released as a 1988 model in North America. The Festiva was the shortest car in length ever made in America until 1993, when the title was succeeded by the Geo Metro in 1994.

Year-to-year changes[]

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997
Festiva Aspire
L 2DR Hatchback Base 2DR Hatchback
GL 2DR Hatchback SE 2DR Hatchback N/A
N/A Base 4DR Hatchback


The Ford Festiva was only sold as a 2-door hatchback in the United States, either as GL or L models.


After the 1993 model year, the Festiva was replaced by the Ford Aspire.


Ford's price leader hatchback sedans were introduced in January 1994, so no significant changes were dialed into the '95 versions. Available in base (3-door and 5-door) and up level SE (3-door only) trim levels, the Korean-built Aspire caters to entry-level buyers looking for inexpensive family transportation, and hopes to attract potential Plymouth/Dodge Neon, Geo Metro and Hyundai Accent customers. It's the least expensive car on the American market with standard dual airbags and optional ABS.  A single engine is offered to power the lineup, a 63-horsepower, 1.3-liter sohc 4-cylinder that was designed by Mazda. You have a choice of a 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transaxle in the base series, but only the manual transaxle in the SE. All Aspires come standard with a no-cost roadside assistance program (free towing), dual airbags, dual outside mirrors, AM/FM stereo, body-colored fascias, full wheel covers and fold-down rear seat. The SE adds foglamps, a tachometer, a sportier instrument cluster and special trim.  If you aspire to a more sporting flavor, the option list offers you a rear decklid spoiler and aluminum wheels (SE and 5-door models only). Other important options include antilock brakes, air conditioning, power steering and some higher-end sound systems. To really rattle your windows, check off the package that comes with CD, 80-watt Premium Sound amplifier and four speakers. The rear window wiper/washer has been dropped. A choice of seven exterior colors is available to set your own Aspire apart from the rest of the pack.


The last Ford Aspires went on sale in October 1997. After that, its name as Ford's entry-level car went back to the Escort.

Retail prices[]

2DR Hatchback[]

Model year Trim level List price Effective date
1991 L $6,905 N/A
1991 GL $7,745 N/A
1992 L $7,236 N/A
1992 GL $8,275 N/A
1993 L $7,097 June 19, 1992
1993 GL $8,136 June 19, 1992
1994 Base $8,240 October 6, 1993
1994 SE $8,895 October 6, 1993
1995 Base $8,440 July 6, 1994
1995 SE $9,415 July 6, 1994
1996 $8,790 June 15, 1995
1997 $9,295 August 8, 1996

4DR Hatchback[]

Model year List price Effective date
1994 $8,855 October 6, 1993
1995 $9,055 July 6, 1994
1996 $9,405 June 15, 1995
1997 $9,925 August 8, 1996

Shipping prices[]

  • $295 (1994 and early 1995 models)
  • $310 (1995 and early 1996 models)
  • $335 (1996-1997)