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The Crown Victoria was Ford's largest sedan until 2011.

Ford Taurus models from 2008 onwards are larger than a 1992-2006 Ford Crown Victoria.

Year-to-year changes[]


The original Ford Crown Victoria consisted of four trim levels: base and LX 4-door sedans and station wagons.


The Crown Vic belonged to the old school of car design, body-on-frame construction, with a V8 up front, driving wheels at the rear, and room inside for six adults. Styling, however, is contemporary, with a rounded, aerodynamic appearance.


The '95 version sees no major changes for the base and uplevel LX versions. Power choices consist of the same engine with either single or dual exhaust, the latter good for 20 more hp. There's a freshening of the exterior, involving grille, bumpers and taillamps. A new aluminum decklid features a wider opening and lower liftover height for luggage.

More has been done to the car's interior with all-new seats that now have some 10 in. of fore-and-aft travel. A revised instrument panel puts the sound system controls on top of the HVAC system, and the power seat controls have a new home on the door.

A radio antenna embedded in the backlight eliminates the problem of vandals or car washes snapping off your expensive power antenna.

Crown Vic competes for sales against its traditional rival, the Chevrolet Caprice, and its sibling, the Mercury Grand Marquis.

New standard features include heated outside mirrors, rear seat heat ducts and the Lincoln Mark VIII's wide-ratio, 4-speed automatic transmission that works with a numerically lower rear-axle ratio for reduced noise, vibration and harshness.

Two options of note are a ride and handling package that gives you 16-in. wheels, a larger swaybar and rear air springs. A towing package lets you pull up to 5000 pounds.

Retail prices[]

As of October 17, 1993:

  • $19,300 (1994 Ford Crown Victoria)
  • $20,715 (1994 Ford Crown Victoria LX)

As of mid-1994:

  • $20,160 (1995 Ford Crown Victoria)
  • $21,970 (1995 Ford Crown Victoria LX)

As of June 15, 1995:

  • $20,760 (1996 Ford Crown Victoria)
  • $22,585 (1996 Ford Crown Victoria LX)

As of May 19, 1997:

  • $21,575 (1997 Ford Crown Victoria)
  • $23,295 (1997 Ford Crown Victoria LX)

Shipping prices[]

  • $575 (1993 to early 1995 models)
  • $580 (1995 and early 1996 models)
  • $605 (1997 models)