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One of America's very first automobile industries, Ford Motor Company, was founded on June 16, 1903, when Henry Ford and eleven associates signed incorporation papers and sent them to Michigan's State Capitol in Lansing. The pioneering industrialists introduced what was to become one of the world's largest corporations. Few companies were as closely identified with the history and development of America throughout the 20th century as Ford.

At the time of its incorporation, Ford was a tiny operation in a converted Detroit wagon shop staffed with about ten people. On August 17, 1904, one year after the company was formed, the first foreign branch was incorporated in the small town of Walkerville, Ontario, with the imposing name of Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd. Production at the modest new plant began early in 1905. From this small beginning grew an overseas organization of manufacturing plants, assembly plants, parts depots and dealers, with Ford represented in some 200 countries and territories around the world. About 60,000 companies worldwide supply Ford with goods and services.

Almost 100 years later, the company became the world's second-largest industrial corporation, and the second-largest producer of cars and trucks, with active manufacturing, assembly or sales operations in 30 countries on six continents. More than 370,000 men and women came to work each day in Ford factories, laboratories and offices around the world.

Ford products were sold in more than 200 nations and territories by a global network of about 15,000 dealers. The company's annual sales exceeded the gross national products of many industrialized nations. With 6.7 million car and commercial vehicle sales in 1996, Ford held a 13 percent global share.

Ford is one of the three flagship manufacturers of American cars and trucks, alongside Chevrolet and Dodge.

Car models[]

Name Model years Type
Ford F-Series 1948-present Pickup truck
Ford Thunderbird 1955-1997 Coupe
Ford Club Wagon/Econoline 1961-2014 Van
Ford Mustang 1965-present Coupe, convertible
Ford Bronco 1966-1996 Sport Utility
Ford Escort 1981-2002 Hatchback, sedan, station wagon
Ford Ranger 1983-2011 Pickup truck
Ford Tempo 1984-1994 Coupe, sedan
Ford Aerostar 1986-1997 Minivan
Ford Taurus 1986-2019 Sedan, station wagon
Ford Festiva/Aspire 1988-1993, 1994-1997 Hatchback
Ford Probe/Escort ZX2 1989-1997, 1998-2003 Coupe
Ford Explorer 1991-present Sport Utility
Ford Crown Victoria 1992-2012 Sedan
Ford Windstar 1995-2003 Minivan
Ford Contour 1995-2000 Sedan
Ford Expedition 1996-present Sport Utility


Calendar year Taurus Mustang Crown Victoria F-Series Explorer Ranger
1991 299,659 98,737 282,837 233,503
1992 409,751 79,280 292,069 247,777
1993 360,448 114,335 101,685 565,089 301,668 340,184
1994 397,037 123,198 103,040 646,039 278,065 344,744
1995 366,266 136,962 98,163 691,452 395,227 309,085
1996 401,049 122,674 108,789 780,838 402,663 288,393
1997 357,162 116,610 107,872 746,111 383,852 298,796
1998 371,074 144,732 111,531 836,629 431,488 328,136
1999 368,327 166,915 114,669 869,001 428,772 348,358

Shipping prices[]

All destination charges for every one of Ford's 1995 models increased on January 12, 1995.