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Year-to-year changes


In the early '90s, the Eagle Talon, a 2-door hatchback, consisted of three models -- base and TSi Turbo (front- and all-wheel drive). These models were carried over to 1992.


In 1993, the Talon now had four models. Replacing the base hatchback were two new ones -- the DL and ES. All four models remained through 1994.


The Mitsubishi-built Talon was all-new for 1995, except for a few carryover powertrain components. It was basically identical to the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The former Plymouth version, the Laser, had been discontinued. Sold by Jeep-Eagle dealers, the Talon competed with such sporty coupes as the Ford Probe, Mazda MX-6, Toyota Celica, Nissan 240SX, Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger and the Eclipse.

Built in Mitsubishi's Diamond-Star facility in Normal, Illinois, three Talon models offered a choice of American or Japanese drivetrains, front-drive or all-wheel drive. The base ESi used a Chrysler-built 140-hp, 2.0-liter 16-valve dohc Four, mated to one of two Chrysler transaxles, a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

Premium TSi models were powered by an enhanced version of Mitsubishi's turbocharged Four. Compared to the 1993-1994 models, output had been increased from 195 hp to 210 hp on cars with the 5-speed manual transaxle and 205 hp for the 4-speed automatics. Both these transmissions were made by Mitsubishi. Top-of-the-line model was the TSi AWD, which featured all-wheel drive for maximum traction and performance.

All Talons had new A-Arm independent front and rear suspensions. Standard equipment included a rear wiper/washer and 4-wheel disc brakes. ABS was optional. The redesigned interior featured dual airbags and full instrumentation. TSi models came equipped with foglights, heated exterior power mirrors, 16-in. aluminum wheels, dual exhausts, and a cassette radio with 6 speakers.

Retail prices

  • $12,322 (1994 Eagle Talon DL)
  • $14,792 (1994 Eagle Talon ES)
  • $16,315 (1994 Eagle Talon TSi Turbo)
  • $18,408 (1994 Eagle Talon TSi Turbo with all-wheel drive)
  • $14,460 (1995 Eagle Talon ESi)
  • $17,696 (early 1995 Eagle Talon TSi Turbo)
  • $19,878 (early 1995 Eagle Talon TSi Turbo with all-wheel drive)
  • $17,570 (1995 Eagle Talon TSi Turbo; later models)
  • $19,800 (1995 Eagle Talon TSi Turbo with all-wheel drive; later models)