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Dodge is the flagship manufacturer of Chrysler Corporation's vehicles. Unlike Jeep, Chrysler, and former manufacturers Eagle and Plymouth, Dodge sold cars of all types.

Car models[]

Name Model years Type
Dodge Colt 1971-1994 Hatchback, coupe, sedan
Dodge Ram Van 1971-2003 Van
Dodge Ramcharger 1974-1993 Sport Utility
Dodge Diplomat 1977-1989 Sedan
Dodge Omni 1978-1990 Hatchback
Dodge Ram 50 1979-1993 Pickup truck
Dodge Ram Pickup 1981-present Pickup truck
Dodge Aries 1981-1989 Sedan, coupe, station wagon
Dodge Charger 1982-1987 Hatchback
Dodge 600 1983-1988 Sedan, coupe, convertible
Dodge Daytona 1984-1993 Hatchback
Dodge Caravan 1984-present Minivan
Dodge Shadow 1987-1994 Hatchback, convertible
Dodge Dakota 1987-2011 Pickup truck
Dodge Dynasty 1988-1993 Sedan
Dodge Spirit 1989-1995 Sedan
Dodge Monaco 1990-1992 Sedan
Dodge Stealth 1991-1996 Hatchback
Dodge Viper 1992-2002 Convertible
Dodge Intrepid 1993-2004 Sedan
Dodge Neon 1995-2005 Coupe, sedan
Dodge Avenger 1995-2000 Coupe
Dodge Stratus 1995-2006 Sedan