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Year-to-year changes


Since the early '90s, Chevrolet continued refining the Corvette's current design from 1984. There were three models -- a Roadster 2-door convertible, and base and ZR-1 2-door coupes. Back then, the base Corvette came with 245 horsepower, and the ZR-1 with 375 horsepower.


Still a major player in the increasingly competitive ultra-sports market, the Corvette had cars like Dodge Viper and Stealth, Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Nissan 300ZX, Porsche 968 and Toyota Supra to contend with.


The Corvette was available with the 300-horsepower LT1 V8 (since 1992), and the 405-horsepower 32-valve LT5 ZR-1.


1995 was the last model year for the sizzling hot ZR-1 coupe. Only 448 copies of the ZR-1 were built.

Corvette's mechanical refinements for 1995 included new low-rate springs and de Carbon gas shocks for an easier ride. Larger front brakes were now standard, the automatic transmission shifted more smoothly, and engine cooling fan noise was reduced.

These improvements, while incremental, were added to an already impressive package that came standard with such features as dual airbags, ABS, traction control, selective ride control, 17-in. alloy wheels shod with Goodyear GS-C tires and a low-tire- pressure warning system. Also new was an automatic transmission temperature readout on the instrument panel.

Exterior changes were minimal, consisting of adding gill panels (a touch from the mid-1960s) behind the front wheel opening, and a new dark purple metallic color. All models were had with a choice of a 4-speed automatic or ZF 6-speed manual transmission, the latter incorporating a computer-aided gear-selection system that is standard on ZR-1s, and a no-cost option on LT1 models.


Chevrolet planned an all-new version of its super-sports car for '96, which became known as the LT4. However, it only lasted one year before the next generation of the Corvettes went on sale.


The redesigned 1997 Corvette was released as a late model in January 1997.

Retail prices

2DR Coupe

Model year Trim level List price Destination charge Effective date
1994 Base $36,285 $550 December 17, 1993
1994 ZR1 $67,543 $550 December 17, 1993
1995 Base $36,785 $550-560 October 1, 1994
1995 ZR1 $68,043 $550-560 October 1, 1994
1996 Base $37,225 $565 September 4, 1995
1997 Base $37,495 $565 July 27, 1997

2DR Convertible

Model year List price Destination charge Effective date
1994 $43,060 $550 December 17, 1993
1995 $43,665 $550-560 October 1, 1994
1996 $45,060 $565 September 4, 1995