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Eldorado was the first large luxury car to tout the advantages of front-wheel drive since the late 1960s. Things haven't been the same since, and most of the Cadillac product line was now front-wheel drive, as were most cars in general.

Buyers of this vehicle were probably cross-shopping for a Lincoln Mark VII/VIII or the slightly smaller Lexus SC 300/400.

The Eldorado featured a clean, readable dashboard and instrument panel, a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transaxle. There were many standard features befitting a personal luxury car, including a sophisticated computer-controlled suspension that used steering-wheel angle sensors, wheel-position sensors and accelerometers to vary shock absorber damping rates. The improved control provided a smoother ride and better traction under braking and cornering. On a more mundane note, a 3-channel garage door opener built into the overhead console was also available.

There was a convertible, but it was discontinued since the 1986 model year.

Audio was via a 6-speaker system from Delco Bose, with trunk-mounted compact disc changer optional.

Year-to-year changes[]


The 1991 Eldorado's engine was upgraded to a 4.9-liter V8 with 200 horsepower, which was carried over to 1992.


The Eldorado's tenth and last generation began with this model year.


A new optional 4.6-liter engine with 295 hp was released in 1993.


As of 1994, there were two quite different variations on Cadillac's 2-door luxury car theme: the Eldorado and the Eldorado Touring Coupe. Although they shared most body, trim and major mechanical components, the Touring Coupe benefited from a 300-hp version of the 4.6-liter Northstar 32-valve dohc V8, which is 25 hp more than the base Eldorado.

Complementing the Touring Coupe's extra power were stiffer antiroll bars and tires with a higher speed rating, both of which gave a slightly firmer, more European ride.

With the DeVille coupe discontinued, the Eldorado becomes Cadillac's only 2-door coupe from this model year onwards.

Retail prices[]

Model year Trim level List price Destination charge Effective date
1991 Base $31,245 February 10, 1991
1991 Touring $33,295 February 10, 1991
1992 Base $32,470 October 13, 1991
1992 Touring $34,970 October 13, 1991
1994 Limited Edition $38,315 $625 January 1, 1994
1995 Base $38,220 $635 August 1, 1994
1995 Touring $41,535 $635 August 1, 1994
1996 Base $39,595 $640 September 1, 1995
1996 Touring $42,995 $640 September 1, 1995
1997 Base $37,995 $665 July 27, 1997
1997 Touring $41,395 $665 July 27, 1997


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Cadillac Eldorado 2DR Coupe