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The Roadmaster was the kind of vehicle that defined the large American car between WWII and the energy crisis of the '70s. It was large enough for six full-size adults and their luggage. With a long wheelbase and an intentionally soft ride, it was the epitome of a freeway cruiser with living-room ride. As befits such an institution, there was a large V8 driving the rear wheels, rated at 260 hp and 330 ft.-lb. of torque. With a displacement of 350 cu. in., this V8 was directly descended from the original Chevy 265-cu.-in. V8 of 1955.

However, this was a thoroughly modern implementation of the Big American Car theme, and it competed against such similar models as Chevrolet Caprice, Cadillac Fleetwood and Mercury Grand Marquis. The Limited versions included, besides their more luxurious interiors, automatic climate control, keyless entry and redesigned 6-way power seats with adjustable lumbar supports.

Year-to-year changes

Retail prices

  • $24,390 (1995 Buick Roadmaster 4DR Sedan)
  • $26,110 (1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate 4DR Wagon)
  • $26,590 (1995 Buick Roadmaster Limited 4DR Sedan)

Shipping prices

  • '$'575 (1993-1994 models)
  • $585 (1995 models)
  • $590 (1996 models)