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Year-to-year changes


The original Audi 100 consisted of only a 4-door sedan, in both base and Quattro models. Back then, the car was also accompanied by an aging Audi 200.


For 1992, replacing the old Audi 200 were more models added to the Audi 100's lineup -- CS, CS Quattro and S for the 4-door sedan, and a new CS Quattro 4-door station wagon.

The sedan was the first to be introduced on November 24, 1991.


This was the last year for the Audi 100 base sedan.


Added to the lineup for a limited time was the S 4-door station wagon. After that, all of the Audi 100 models were discontinued.


Audi has renamed its models once again in 1995. For instance, the former 100 was now called A6. Otherwise, the changes were mainly cosmetic, with new front sheetmetal.

The A6 was powered by the same 2.8-liter V6 as the Audi 90. It was available as a 4-door sedan or station wagon, and competed with the Mercedes E280/E320, Lexus ES 300/GS 300, Infiniti J30, BMW 530i and 540i, Oldsmobile Aurora, Volvo 960 and Saab 9000. The A6 Quattro was the only car in this class available with all-wheel drive.

The A6 wagon had 7-passenger capacity, and standard features like tilt/telescope steering column and a right-side mirror that automatically rotates downward to aid in parking. A 4-speed automatic transmission was standard on the wagon and optional on the sedan. It had electronically adaptive shift logic that selects from five different programs, from Economy to Sport. Unlike the Audi 90s, the A6's interiors were roomy.


The Audi A6's second generation began starting with this model year. The station wagon was now known as the "Avant".

Retail prices

  • $35,120 (1994 Audi 100 S 4DR Sedan)
  • $38,070 (1994 Audi 100 S 4DR Wagon)
  • $40,570 (1994 Audi 100 CS 4DR Sedan)
  • $43,020 (1994 Audi 100 CS Quattro 4DR Sedan)
  • $47,020 (1994 Audi 100 CS Quattro 4DR Wagon)

As of October 5, 1994:

  • $30,600 (1995 Audi A6 4DR Sedan)
  • $32,100 (1995 Audi A6 Quattro 4DR Sedan)
  • $33,170 (1995 Audi A6 4DR Wagon)
  • $34,670 (1995 Audi A6 Quattro 4DR Wagon)

As of late 1995:

  • $32,300 (1996 Audi A6 4DR Sedan)
  • $33,850 (1996 Audi A6 Quattro 4DR Sedan)
  • $34,000 (1996 Audi A6 4DR Wagon)
  • $35,550 (1996 Audi A6 Quattro 4DR Wagon)