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The Alfa Romeo 164 was the company's last car ever sold in the United States for a long time. It first went on sale in 1990 with 1,549 units sold that year, replacing the 1987-1989 Alfa Romeo Milano.

Year-to-year changes[]

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
Base N/A
N/A Quadrifoglio


The 164 came in three different trim levels -- base, L and S. This was the only model year for the base sedan. The first 1,549 units were all sold in calendar year 1990 as early 1991 models.


In the U.S., Alfa sold less than 400 cars in the first half of 1994, and its 28-year-old Spider model was finally put out to pasture. That left the company with only its 164 front-drive sport sedan to be put on sale. It competed with the Acura Legend, Lexus ES 250/300, Infiniti G20 and the low- to mid-price European sport sedans from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


The 164 was unchanged for 1995 when it was released on or before October 3, 1994. It was available in two versions, LS and Quadrifoglio, which is Italian for "4-leaf clover", Alfa's early racing insignia. The beautiful 3.0-liter dohc all-aluminum V6 used Bosch Motronic engine management. The 230-hp Quadrifoglio version used larger intake runners to get its extra 20 hp. Other Quadrifoglio differences were sport seats, sport alloy wheels, electronic suspension, and a "ground effects" spoiler kit. All 164s had leather upholstery, air conditioning, power seats, cruise control and a power sunroof. The optional automatic transmission was limited to the LS, as was metallic paint and unique front sheetmetal. 

Wheels for both Quadrifoglio and LS were 15'6 in. with 195/65 tires, wider wheels and larger section tires, further enhancing the already excellent handling. The Quadrifoglio V6 was the most powerful 3.0-liter available in a sedan, only the Acura NSX and Porsche 968 had more powerful 3.0-liter engines.

Sales of all Alfa Romeo vehicles ceased in the United States after 1995.

Retail prices[]

Model year(s) Trim level List price Destination charge Effective date
1991 Base $24,990 $395 February 10, 1991
1991 L $28,460 $395 February 10, 1991
1991 S $30,970 $395 February 10, 1991
1992 Base $25,865 $395 February 9, 1992
1992 L $29,456 $395 February 9, 1992
1992 S $32,054 $395 February 9, 1992
1993 L $30,240 $425 N/A
1993 S $34,990 $425 N/A
1994 LS $34,890 $425 N/A
1994 Quadrifoglio $37,690 $425 N/A
1995 LS $36,140 $460 N/A
1995 Quadrifoglio $38,940 $460 N/A